Adjusting the Sails: Moving from ‘Acronyms’​ to ‘Tribe’​

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Podcast Reflections | 0 comments

Three lessons from hosting a podcast

“Action breeds clarity” is what my mentor Michelle Sorro always tells me. She is right. This past March, I took her advice. I ignored the imposter syndrome within, and during the height of COVID-19, took the plunge and launched a podcast.  This was with the help of Ginni Media Podcast & Content Production Company. Together, we launched the Moving Beyond Acronyms podcast. Looking back, what have I learned from this endeavor?

First lesson: You just do it. That makes you ready.

Even though I was not ‘ready’ to host a podcast, it has been one of the most rewarding four months. I have had the privilege of interviewing amazing people from all walks of life.  And I have learned from great minds on how to touch people’s hearts and minds to ignite interest and action. It has been similar to attaining a mini-degree in marketing, communications and business management. In the beginning, I was very rusty and nervous where I gobbled up words, uttered too many uhmms, laughed at the wrong moment and interrupted the guests. One time, I go through a whole interview and forgot to record it. Oops! Luckily, the guest was so generous with her time and agreed to do the whole interview again. Thankfully, the second version was much better. And yet with all the faux pas, we move forward. The interviews are getting better, the guests are gracious and smart, and I have a team to help put my best foot forward.

Second: Delegate and work with a professional team.

The most important lesson that I have learned is to surround yourself with great people. After all the mistakes that we make in one interview, Ashley Tough, the audio director took the episode to the next level. He added a little bit of music, polish the sound and edit out the awkward pauses and uhmms and create great flow to the episode. Laura Rădescu, the show notes writer will summarize the essence of the show and select quotes and clips to entice listeners. Hans Andres, the design director will ensure it all looks professional and is on brand. And every Wednesday, I will receive an email with the final product ready to be released Thursday on Apple, Acast, Spotify and Stictcher. When I listen to the final episode and review the various promo-materials I rarely come with edits, because when you work with professionals you can expect excellent quality.

Third Lesson: Listen and adjust the sails.

Over the course of these four months several of my listeners have told me that they love the episodes, but they do not understand or like ‘acronyms’. They will ask me, “Why are you calling it Moving Beyond Acronyms?” The explanation I provide is that ‘moving beyond acronyms’ explains in shorthand the importance of moving beyond our tribal language, beyond acronyms and beyond jargons to interact and collaborate with forces outside of our comfort zone. “This is when true magic happens,” I say. After my explanation, they will still stand on their viewpoint that ‘acronyms’ is not the right word. What I have realized through these conversations is that my beloved word ‘acronyms’ does not resonate with the listeners, and so I have had to adjust and take the advice that I give my clients — kill the sacred cow. This is easier said than done, because you grow fond of your own ideas. Nevertheless, I reluctantly took my own medicine and replaced ‘acronyms’ with ‘tribe’, and we launched Moving Beyond Your Tribe Podcast. The first episode will be launched this coming Thursday on the topic of diversity with my dear friend Myrtle Jones, PhD Candidate at Teachers College Columbia University. She is an expert on anthropology, diversity dialogues, and is currently completing an ethnography entitled, “They Chose to Stay: The Black Elite in Harlem 1980.” We will talk about — How do we have meaningful, respectful and real conversations about diversity. And how do we find the words that can bridge the divide and move us forward in harmony. Something to look forward to….. Link to Podcast trailer:    Torund Bryhn, Podcaster at Moving Beyond Your Tribe, Thought Leader Strategist, Publisher, Writer & Speaker