Change the Words
Change the World

We live on a planet with finite resources. Current estimates predict we’ll run out of gold – the metal powering the electronics that drive our economy – by 2030. Other resources are at risk, too. Globally, our shared values can bind us together to make better choices for our collective future. We have a choice: remain mired in the political baggage of old rhetoric that keeps us from advancing toward these better choices or change the world by changing our words – while we still have time. It’s time for a new economy. We can be the change. 

It’s simple: start changing the words we use, identifying the values we share to make better choices when it comes to the resources we share and usher in the new economy. It’s moving away from the Consumer Economy and toward a mindset of reuse, recycle, repurpose. It’s empowering our community to live life more abundantly by maximizing the value and the lifecycles of our resources for generations to come. And it’s acting on the values we share to work together for a better future. We’re defining the future by the actions we take today.

The Council for a New Economy (CNE) is an international and independent think tank bringing together great minds and innovative ideas to move beyond the language and politics of division to discover new ways to care for our planet and our human needs.

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The Giant Circular Awakening

The Giant Circular Awakening

The Norwegian Economy is Only 2.4 Percent Circular It is almost impossible to get closer to a perfectly linear economy. The world economy is at 8.6 percent. Norway has everything to gain from getting out of the starting block. “Earth is a closed system where all...